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Preparing for birth, understanding breastfeeding, getting your older children involved in baby care, learning to wear your children in a sling, there are many opportunities to learn and prepare!

Childbirth Preparation Classes

With Women collaborates with great educators in the Denver Metro area to offer our clients the widest range of childbirth preparation options.

Kathy teaches small group childbirth classes in the Highlands area of Denver. These classes meet on a weeknight for five consecutive weeks (for a total of 15 hours of instruction). The classes are research-based and offer information on a wide variety of topics: labor and birth anatomy, the purpose of labor pain, comfort measures for labor, nutrition and exercise, optimal fetal positioning, labor and birth interventions, birth plans, postnatal recovery, breastfeeding, and newborn care.

VBAC Classes

Pauli offers private classes designed for families who have experienced a previous cesarean birth but are now planning to have a vaginal birth. One of them will come to your home, or another meeting spot, to teach this class. Couples clarify their previous birth experience(s) and are given the opportunity to discuss any unresolved feelings. Birth options and criteria for trial of labor and VBAC, including the risks and benefits, are discussed. Communication skills and coping techniques are reviewed. Included are exercises and positive visualizations. Also discussed are ways to prevent a cesarean, and options if a cesarean becomes necessary.

Fee is $120 per 2.5 hour class. For a current With Women doula client: $100.


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Please Contact Us to register or for more information.

Breastfeeding Classes & Home Visits

Our lactation consultants help you learn how to get off to the best possible start in feeding and nurturing your baby! Understanding proper positioning, knowing that your baby is getting enough milk, handling common concerns, and breast pump basics are covered in this one 2-3 hour class/home visit. Getting ready, solving problems, positioning, latch, taking care of yourself, and weaning are all covered along with much more!

These classes are open to all expecting moms (and their support people).

Fee is $120 per 2-3 hour class/home visit. For a current With Women doula client: $100.

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Sibling Preparation Classes

Older children can’t wait to help with the new baby! This one-on-one class demonstrates safe places to touch baby, newborn characteristics, how to help mom with baby care, and reassures siblings that their help is needed and wanted! This class is designed for the soon to be sibling and deals with the dynamics of a growing family and positive interaction with the new baby(ies). We spend time talking with the parents on how to prepare and tips for the postpartum period with the older child. The last part of the class is labor and birth education for children whose parents are including them in the birth or would like them to know more about the process. Birth is presented as normal part of life in terms a child can understand.

Cost: $100 per 2.5 hour class. You can also schedule a group class at a discounted rate.

Prepared Postpartum Classes

With Women offers private Prepared Postpartum sessions for families looking to prepare for their little ones and the adjustment ahead. She tailors the content to each families' dynamics and needs/experience.

2.5 hour classes typically include...
What is a postpartum doula?, What are the benefits? What can a doula do for us?, "How do we prepare for the adjustment ahead"?, What will we REALLY need?, What classes should we take?, Baby care basics 101 discussion, practical tips and demo, Postpartum Tips (handout and discussion), Recommended reading, Information and resources for postpartum depression, Breastfeeding information and basic skills, Demo of Swaddling and the benefits, Creating a postpartum plan, Sibling adjustment, Postpartum Health, and Q & A.
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Cost: $100 per 2.5 hour class.

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Baby Wearing

Did you know that babies who are worn by their mothers cry less, and have the benefit of better physical, mental, and emotional development? Did you know that moms who wear their babies are less likely to be affected by postpartum depression? There are so many reasons to learn this ancient art of bonding and nurturing. Join us for a one-session class to learn how to use a variety of different baby carriers, and how they grow with your baby!

Cost: $100 per 2.5 hour class. Please contact us to schedule a group class at a discounted rate.


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