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The first few weeks with your newborn will be some of the most precious and most important times of your life! During this time your baby is learning how to eat, sleep and live in this new world - and so are you!

We have come to learn that good support during the first weeks makes all the difference in the months and years to come. Our First Weeks program is a great way to get the support, advice, and resources needed get you on the best path for healthy living.

An experienced postpartum doula will visit you in your home 2-3 times a week in the first weeks of your baby's life. During these visits she will offer feeding support, reassurance, and guidance on new baby care. She will also perform light housekeeping duties, light meal preparation, and provide times for you to rest and care of yourself.

A postpartum doula is trained to support the postpartum mother, newborns, siblings in the home and the entire family. Her focus is on your individual needs with the goal of getting your family off to the right start.

Fees to clients:

Basic Care Package: Pre-birth meeting and two 4-hour visits each week for 2 weeks - $400
Expanded Care Package: Pre-birth meeting and three 4-hour visits each week for 2 weeks - $600
Extended Care Package: Pre-birth meeting and three 4-hour visits each week for 3 weeks - $900

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