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As soon as I had my first baby I was smitten with pregnancy, birth, and babies, and have wanted to do nothing else since! I love pregnancy, birth, and babies and truly do feel honored to be with each family I support. I believe that birth is a natural, normal process that will proceed to an uncomplicated end in most cases. I have been a birth doula, postpartum doula, childbirth educator, and student midwife since 2006. In addition to doula work, I teach childbirth and CPR classes both in hospital and privately. I have four kids of my own and had amazing (yet different) births with all four of them.

I have assisted many families through birth and postpartum and have seen a wide variety of beautiful births and babies. I am open to supporting women and families in whatever way they feel is right for them. I worked as a staff doula at a hospital for two years, so I am very comfortable working with nurses, midwives, and doctors, am quite familiar with hospital procedures, interventions, and policies, and can easily build a good rapport with hospital staff.  I have supported women through induction, epidurals, VBAC, cesareans, home birth, and everything in between! I do believe in the natural birth process, so supporting an intervention free birth and advocating for a woman towards that end is also very comfortable and enjoyable for me. My goal at a birth is to have the mother love her birth experience, whatever that may look like for her. I will help a mother and her family in whatever way is necessary at the time to achieve that amazing birth experience.

My birth doula services include prenatal consultation and education, on call care and birth support, as well as postpartum visits and support. As a postpartum doula I offer breastfeeding support, education, cooking, light cleaning, overnight support, and whatever else I can do to mother the mother! I find that care looks different at each birth and with each family, based on their unique needs and personalities. I know there is not one right way to birth or to raise a baby and am happy to adapt to support your family in the way that seems best to you.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and for your wisdom in doing all you can to have the best possible birth! I would be honored to meet you and see if I would be a good fit to support your family through this wonderful experience. I'm willing to barter or trade for my services. Please contact me for more information about this


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