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Childbirth Educator, Birth Doula, Postpartum Doula

I have been involved with pregnancy and birth for over 10 years and have had the privilege of serving hundreds of families during this incredible time of life. It is my experience that every family has unique needs for education, advocacy and support; it is my intention to help families identify these needs and offer them care and information tailored to suit their individual situations.

Childbirth Preparation

The Childbirth Preparation Classes that I offer are centered on the philosophy of “Freedom of Choice based on Knowledge of Alternatives.” Classes are comprehensive in nature and include information on natural birthing techniques, movement, optimal fetal positioning, breathing, the wise use of epidurals, medications in labor, consumerism and informed consent, and much more. Please contact me for more information regarding my group classes held in Evergreen or private classes held in your home.

Birth Doula Services

As a Birth Doula, I believe that the way we are born matters.  When a baby is born in a loving, supported and calm manner, it truly makes a positive difference for the child, the birthing mother and the entire family.  Every mother has her own unique vision of what she wants for her birth.  I am there to honor and help you create that experience.

Many Dads and Partners want to be active in the support of the birthing mother - I am there to make that happen.  I offer suggestions, guidance and opportunities for rest to anyone supporting the mother during birth.  Some Dads and Partners are not able to actively participate in the birth process.  I am there to offer the necessary support in all family situations. 

My Birth Doula services include 1-2 prenatal meetings to help you and your family prepare for birth and the postpartum transition.   I provide education and resources as you request them.  When you are in labor, I can labor with you in your home or meet you at your place of birth.  I remain with you during your labor and for several hours postpartum.  I offer birth photography to my clients, and will write the story of your birth from my perspective.  I visit you in your home in the postpartum period to review your birth and be sure you have all you need to make a smooth transition to life with your new baby or babies.

Postpartum Doula Services

As a Postpartum Doula, I am accepting clients for overnight or weekend care. I have many years of experience working with families of all backgrounds and parenting choices. I have experience with twins, adopted babies and families who are choosing to cloth diaper, co-sleep, and practice attachment parenting. I support families in their individual choices and offer guidance, reassurance, and practical assistance including meal preparation, baby laundry, grocery shopping and light housekeeping. I assist with breast or bottle feeding, and help to avoid breastfeeding issues before they arise.

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