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"My husband ended up getting deployed during my pregnancy and was going to miss the birth so I looked into getting a doula. She helped my mom and sister with knowing what they could do to support and help me through labor. I would have her again for my next child even if my husband was here so she could keep things calm and give my husband a break." ~ Theresa Heidi "Heidi was amazing! She was very informative during our meetings prior to the birth. She kept me well informed without making me feel like the decisions I chose to pursue were wrong. During my birth she was calm and prepared. She listened when I had concern and gave me space when I needed it. She is a very patient person; willing to work with multiple birth plan ideas. My husband said if we have another baby, Heidi will be there, she got us through our natural birth!" ~ Stephanie

Birth Doula

I'm a mother of 4 wonderful children. I personally had all different kinds of births, from the hospital birth with the epidural, a natural birth in a hospital, to a water birth in a German krankenhaus (hospital) and my youngest was born at home in water with a midwife.

My desire to be a doula started as a small child, but my true passion for this work began with the birth of a dear friend's baby. Since then, I have worked as a birth doula in Texas, Germany, North Carolina and Colorado. I have worked with many different birth styles. This includes, but is not limited to: hospital birth, birth center, home birth, induction, medicated, un-medicated, VBAC, twins, teens, military families and adoption. I have been a birth doula for over 8 years. I am a professionally trained doula with DONA International and with TOLABOR. I am also currently going to school to become a midwife and loving it!

I truly enjoy being a doula and supporting families as they add a member to their family. I feel that it is very important and I truly love being able to adapt to each family, to each situation, and to each contraction; working to meet each of their individual needs. 

I think my favorite moment as a doula is being blessed by watching the joy in the parents' faces the moment they get to see, touch and kiss their beautiful baby for the first time!


"Heidi did an impressive job of preparing us for the home birth of our second son, coaching us through labor and delivery and providing advice on homeopathic remedies throughout pregnancy and during the recovery.  Prior to labor, Heidi demonstrated several techniques for easing labor pains to my husband, which enabled/empowered him to take a very active role during labor, focused on easing any pain.  Also, during labor, Heidi recommended a homeopathic remedy for relieving back labor pain, which worked almost instantly and helped the baby turn into a good delivery position.  Most importantly, throughout my pregnancy, delivery and beyond, Heidi calibrated her efforts to meet our unique and ever-changing needs, address our feelings, and ultimately, she contributed to our perfect birth.  I am forever grateful." ~ Marina

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