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Welcoming a new baby, or babies, into your home is an incredible period of transition. It is a time that is full of joy, excitement, anticipation, and can at times be overwhelming. With Women understands the deep importance of this period and offers postpartum doula support to help the mother and her family ease into this new time with confidence. Daytime and overnight services are available.




Our goal is to help family’s transition into their new lives by offering guidance and reassuring support so that they can parent confidently. Our services include:

* Providing emotional support for the transitions going on in your family.
* Provides time for the family to rest and recharge.
* If a family wants it postpartum doulas help families with schedules and sleep issues.
* Providing physical comfort measures, such as neck and foot rubs.
* Light household tasks and running errands.
* Helping with breastfeeding or bottle feeding.
* Assistance with baby and sibling care.
* Cooking healthy meals for Mom and the family.
* Communicating with family and friends.
* Accompanying the family on first trips out with the new baby.
* Providing requested information about the postpartum period and options in caring for your baby.

“Postpartum support allows mothers and families to learn about their new baby in a safe, relaxed and supporting atmosphere. This in turn leads to better success with infant feedings, less anxiety and stress for the mother and family, and earlier bonding with the newborn.” Source: Mercola

Please visit our Doula Profiles below to learn more about our amazing Postpartum Doulas!

If you are interested in interviewing some of our doulas, or have questions about doula services and placement, please Contact Us.


Postpartum Doula Fees

Our fee structure is based in the experience level of the doula, as well as the personal circumstances of the birthing family. Many doulas are willing to trade or barter in exchange for a reduction in fee if there are financial concerns.

Singleton: $28 an hour days or nights

Twins: $32 an hour days or nights

Triplets or more: Please contact us for a fee schedule

Boys & Baby

There is no additional charge for other siblings in the home. Fees are reduced for placement of a postpartum doula-in-training.
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